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stop it Don’t Read This Unless You’ve Wasted Time on Facebook (& Wish You Hadn’t)

All of sudden it happens.

You had good intentions.

You avoid checking your boring, slightly-annoying headache-filled virtual mailbox and instead open the high school reunion chatterbox filled with multiple dysfunctional personalities (aka Facebook).

Because, well… your mentor of all-things-online told you to “engage with your audience” and who wants to read spam links all day? People want to connect with the HUMAN side of you, even if it is on your Facebook “business” page, right? It makes sense. 

But, when you finish sharing your status about how much you LOVE your creamy, delicious cup of brown roasted nuts. . .

You see this link (shared by one of your non-dysfunctional FB friends) to an incredible TEDtalk that’s a must watch for anyone in business (*ahem* that’d be you). 

So, of course you watch it and right about the time that finishes… 

Another must read now or risk your health by eating something terrible article on juicing pops up in your feed that makes you want to quit your job (hey, sometimes business feels like a job) and move to Guatemala– where everything’s organic, happy and GMO-free… at least ideally– and right as you’re about to close out the browser.

You see it.

That make-you-feel-like-a-champion irresistible article that you need to read to live your best life by world’s nicest pastor (Joel Osteen).

Before you know it, you look up and 2hours and 23minutes have gone by. What.the.heck… how did that even happen?

While you’re supposed to be working on business: you’ve gotten caught up in the madness. What is this madness? It’s the dirty D word. Distraction. 


Distraction fuels procrastination which ultimately causes stagnation. 


::Translation:: If you don’t actually do the work, you won’t actually get paid (duh), you end up with little in your bank and your business goes in the tank.


I don’t care if all the clickitety, click, click, click, clicks leads to good, amazing, positive, nourishing, i n s i g h t f u l things…. If you aren’t doing the thing you’re supposed to be doing in your business:


  1. You are bound to fail (and I don’t mean fail as in you tried something and it didn’t work, so you had to tweak it. I mean, fail as in- it didn’t even have a chance to get off the ground, because you didn’t focus enough of your attention to make it happen- fail. Big difference in the two).                           
  2. You will most likely feel overwhelmed (too much information and not enough action will do this to you) with a side-effect of hysteria… “O.m.g. I don’t have any time!!!!” 


So, what’s a girl (or guy) to do? We love our information. We want our feel-good articles and who doesn’t love to laugh or be inspired by a good video?


Side Note: Although, I enjoy finding problems. I refuse to be a problem pointer-outer (is that even a word?) without being a solution bring-er (Hi, my name is Melodee and I like making up words). 


Solution: This little baby. It has saved me COUNTLESS OF HOURS. If you use it, it will save you many hours too. 

I didn’t create it, but I love it.  It helps me pop-in and out of Facebook, and the Internet without getting sucked into the oh-my-gosh-I-have-to-read-this-right-now vacuum.  Try it and let me know what you think. 


Last week, we talked about how to tame the email inbox.  Today, we’re talking about how to tame Facebook and anything else that allows pop-ups. 


Do you have a favorite time-saving tip or tool?

I’d love more ways to keep me SANE and I’m sure others in our community could use more PEACE too!

Share a tip or two of what’s working for you in the comments below.

With gratitude (and a lot less headaches),

Marie Forleo

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